A Glimpse into the Heart of 49

Watch and listen to a few videos of Travis speaking to the bigger picture of 49 Financial and his mission of developing the next generation of leaders. 

The Story of 49 Financial

Ever wondered about the beginnings of 49 Financial? Travis talks about where the name came from, what life-altering event happened to him in 2016, and how two are truly better than one.

Unlocking Your Career

Travis walks us through these essential questions to consider when unlocking your career: What is a mentor? What does authenticity mean? What does effective mentorship look like?

LAMP Keynote Speaker

LAMP 2017 keynote speaker Travis Penfield discusses how he ended up in the field of leadership and the courage it takes to “jump through the painting”, bringing others along with you. 

Insights and Discussions

Take a deep dive through blogs and podcasts featuring Travis, where he discusses work, entrepreneurship, and leadership. 

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